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"About a month before our wedding, we realized that we did not have any idea of how to do our first dance. So we asked friends and coworkers to recommend a dance instructor; that's when we were referred to Carmel. One month later, we amazed our guests with a beautiful choreographed Rumba dance. Our lessons with Carmel made our first dance very special and something we will remember for the rest of our lives. And now, because we loved it so much we are continuing to take dance lessons from Carmel and have expanded our knowledge to include many other types of ballroom dances! Thanks Carmel!" - Jeff and Aidan Hutchinson

"Two left sense of rhythm...never, EVER a dance lesson/class in my whole life! That was me 4 years ago. I came to the studio with a friend who wanted to try dancing for her health, she didn't like it and left after the introductory offer. I, however, found I really enjoyed it. A lot, if not all, of my enjoyment comes from Eric Mortenson's teaching ability and style. He is really passionate about dance and teaching. Having never taken a dance class in my life, I didn't know anything, but with Eric it didn't matter! He explained, demonstrated and encouraged me continuously, ALWAYS with humor, and infinite patience and understanding! He has a incredible ability to adjust his teaching style to the needs and or limitations of the student. I continue to take lessons from Eric and have taken lessons from his equally qualified and lovely wife Carmel, I've made new friends, and enjoy social occasions more than ever. I think, if you've ever caught yourself watching Dancing with the Stars, or So You Think You Can Dance, thinking you would like to try that?? it! You will be glad you did!" - Barb

"Eric Mortenson, the professional instructor from Peak Dance Academy who trains and competes with me is truly a professional in every sense of the word. From my very first competition several years ago to the competition we just participated in last month, he has always enabled me to perform at my absolute best. Eric is an expert at preparing the new dancers for their very first competitive experience as well as providing both positive and negative feedback required for those more advanced competitors who want to reach the next level of dancing. Eric and Peak Dance Academy are sure to provide you the training and competition experience you’re looking for." - Jane

"I have been dancing with Carmel Mortenson for the last three and a half years, primarily in preparation for showcase presentations at Best of Ballroom and Peak Dance Academy. It has been exciting to explore dance styles and expressions that are outside my dance comfort zones. The work with Carmel has enhanced my dance vocabulary greatly by practicing lifts, Latin and Rhythm techniques, and performance ideas." - Scott


Lessons taught at:
5649 N. Academy
Southeast Corner of Vickers and Academy